Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

The Taliban have pushed their way into Panjshir Valley and captured Bazarak, the provincial capital. The Resistance Forces decided to pull back to the mountains instead of having a last stand at Bazarak. The NRF(National Resistance Front) were holding their ground for weeks, inflicting thousands of Taliban causalities. The momentum of the NRF was halted when drone strikes, reportedly flown by Pakistani Air Force pilots started to blast NRF positions.

Photo: Taliban fighters seize 3 NRF helicopters in Panjshir

After pulling back and avoiding Pakistani drone strikes, leader of the NRF Ahmad Massoud released an audio statement to his Facebook account. In the message he calls for a national uprising and vows the NRF will continue to fight. Now the following day the message appears to have been heard nationwide. Thousands turned out in Kabul and several cities in Afghanistan, chanting anti-Taliban and anti-Pakistan slogans.

As well as large protests, there are also reports of heavy ongoing fighting resuming in Baghlan, Panjshir and Kapisa provinces, with even unconfirmed reports of NRF recapturing Bazarak.

Photo: Resistance fighters in Kapisa province

Colonel Raham Rahmani of Afghan Air Force on 07/09/21:
Taliban terrorists defeated in Bazarak, they were ambushed in Dashtak, people in Dara-e-Hazara (Abshar) are also fighting them intensely. Panjshir is becoming a multi-front battleground NOW. Panjshir holds longer than the whole Afghanistan, but the world community yet to respond!

The situation in Panjshir province is still unfolding, but one thing is certain, the Taliban are in Panjshir but they do not control Panjshir. They also now have to deal with all the protests and armed resistance popping up across the country. The Taliban will need to show restrain when dealing with the protests otherwise it will inspire more Resistance.

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  1. […] Az ellenállás jelentései szerint a tálibok benyomultak a Pandzsir-völgybe, és elfoglalták Bazarakot, a tartományi fővárost (ott volt a mauzóleum is). Az ellenállási erők úgy döntöttek, hogy ahelyett, hogy Bazaraknál tartanák a frontot, inkább visszavonulnak a hegyekbe. Az NRF (Nemzeti Ellenállási Front) hetek óta tartja magát, és kitartásuk több ezer tálib áldozatot követelt. Az NRF lendülete akkor állt meg, amikor a pakisztáni légierő pilótái által vezetett dróncsapások az NRF állásait kezdték lőni. (…) Az országszerte tapasztalható nagyszabású tüntetések mellett arról is érkeztek jelentések, hogy Baghlan, Panjshir és Kapisa tartományokban ismét heves harcok folynak, sőt meg nem erősített jelentések szerint az NRF visszafoglalta Bazarakot. […]

  2. 🇦🇫Men & 🇦🇫Women, you are Heroes for standing up for your 🇦🇫nation & you will always be remembered even if it seems as if the world has abandoned you.

    You have proven to the world that you can be united & stand strong as a nation no matter your age, race, gender & religion.

    The talibans are afraid of women.

    During the protests you could see the extreme fear from the talibans when getting confronted, it’s like as if they didn’t know how to deal with the situation anymore.

    The talibans are brainwashing generations of Men with a fantasy to destroy the human race by oppressing Women & it must be stopped.

    🇦🇫Women can win back the country with the help of 🇦🇫Men; you must stay united & protect each other.

    Women are as powerful as Men, you must remember we are all humans. To survive as a human race we must not oppress ourselves or be oppressed by others.

    International countries need to unite & help fight this disease that will destroy our existance as a human race.


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