Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Taliban launched their largest offensive against the Resistance Forces in Panjshir Valley last night. Over 7800 Taliban fighters and at least 300 vehicles, including tanks, were involved in the operation. This occurred after days of sporadic attacks from Taliban against all sides of Panjshir and neighboring provinces. One of the Resistance leaders Ahmad Massoud was also reported to be on the frontline commanding Resistance fighters.

Photo: Resistance fighter in Panjshir Valley

The NRF(National Resistance Front) were able to hold their ground. It was only 4 hours into the offensive when the amount of causalities Taliban were taking started to become unbearable, forcing the Taliban fighters to enter full retreat, getting ambushed several times on their way back to Kabul.

Over 450 Taliban fighters were killed and at least 130 were captured. The amount of cannon fodder Taliban leadership threw at Panjshir Valley shows their growing frustration with the Resistance Forces. This offensive was a last ditch effort to squash the NRF before Taliban declare the formation of a new government in Kabul.

Photo: Dead Taliban fighters

Fighting is ongoing in almost all neighboring areas of Panjshir. In recent days and weeks the NRF have liberated districts all across the provinces of Baghlan, Kapisa, Parwan, Takhar and Badakhshan. Despite the estimated $82 US billion worth of high-grade US military equipment that the Taliban have amassed, they have so far failed to achieve any significant victories against the Resistance Forces in Panjshir Valley.

5 thoughts on “Large Taliban Offensive Against Panjshir Valley Ends in Massacre”
  1. Vive la résistance✊🏻 Stay strong🦁

    To the people of Afghanistan, there are less talibans than the general population, everybody must fight back and revive democracy! Are you not tired of living in fear & not knowing if you’ll be martyred next? It’s time to take action & end the taliban regime once & for all! Fight for freedom!

    Afghan men & Afghan women, if you defeat the talibans in other provinces, there will be no reinforcements left to attack panjshir & the talibans leaders won’t be able to form a “government” because no one will be left to protect them!

    Show the world how great you are united as a nation!

    Love & support from 🇨🇦

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